Travel Insurance Basic

  • For people age under 34 yrs coming to Austria for less than 6 months, who do not need a visa at all or apply for C-Visa (entry visa) or D-Visa
  • For people age above 34 yrs coming to Austria, who do not need a visa at all or apply for C-Visa (entry visa) or D-Visa OR for their initial residence permit application abroad

Our travel insurance is a no-limit insurance so our coverage is much more than the “minium €30.000 coverage” required by the Austrian embassies.
See “Hardfacts” and “Downloads” for the details.

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€ 2.40 / day

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Important facts!
  • For any international NOT from Austria
  • Valid for your C-Visa and D-Visa application
  • IF above 34 yrs old and applying for the initial residence permit application, please download, fill and print the letter of intent in order form!
  • Payment by credit card: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club
  • Running time of this contract: Min. 1 day
  • Start time: Earliest 3 days from the current day (processing time)
  • Confirmation: Sent within 3 hours max. (automatically sent by our system) – PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM AS WELL!
  • Confirmation sent via e-mail. Please print!
  • The insurance coverage is valid from arrival in Austria until your chosen date of contract end
  • Cancellation policy: If your visa application gets rejected, you can cancel the insurance and get the money refunded if the insurance has not yet started. If the insurance is already running, you can’t cancel the insurance.
  • Repatriation must be arranged by the UNIQA SOS-Service, otherwise a maximum of € 2.200,- will be reimbursed
  • Price of € 2.40 per day
  • UNIQA SOS Service: +43 50677 670
Good to know!
  • The insurance is provided by UNIQA, Austria’s largest insurance company
  • If you stay overnight in a hospital, UNIQA will pay your bill directly
  • To get your ambulant bills refunded, please use our “Request Refund” button in the navigation header
Insurance Benefitstravel insurance
Max. insurance amount per travelno limit
Full guaranty of cost coverage for stays in public hospitals in multi-bed roomcheckmarkGreen
Full guarantee of cost coverage for stays in private hospitals (two-bed room)checkmarkGreen
Medical transportation within Europe if neededcheckmarkGreen
A: Medical treatment (public doctors)checkmarkGreen
B: Medical treatment (private doctors)checkmarkGreen
C: Dental treatment for the purposes of relieving paincheckmarkGreen
D: Brand medicines and generic medicinescheckmarkGreen
A - D covered up to a total of: € 2,200.- / deductible € 40.-
Patient repatriation within Europe (to a hospital or to the residence in Austria or in the homeland)checkmarkGreen
Will this insurance be accepted by the Austrian Embassy for my entry visa?

Yes, our insurance is accepted by all Austrian Embassies. You will get our insurance confirmation latest within 3 hours via e-mail

What happens if I have to stay in an hospital?

If you have to stay in a hospital overnight, just tell them that you have a private insurance with UNIQA. The hospital will call UNIQA to make sure that you really payed your insurance. If the check is successful, the insurance company will pay for your stay directly.

How does the refund work?

If you go to a private doctor, you have to pay the bill first. After that just make a photo with your smartphone and send us the bill via our Request Refund button in the navigation header. Please make sure that there is a diagnostics (Diagnose) on your bill, otherwise we cannot make a refunding. The refund normally takes about 2-3 weeks to process.

Am I 100% covered?

Yes, please read in detail the coverage comparison sheet for maximum coverage amounts per category.

For how long should I take the travel insurance?

Please make sure you are insured from the moment you arrive in Austria until you leave Austria.

Travel Insurance Policy  –> English translation on the bottom of the document

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