Students Health Insurance Plus

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€52.20 / month*

* Until the age of 27

Afterwards from € 65 depending on age

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For whom is this insurance?
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • You need an Austrian Bank Account to get this Insurance! No Bank Account yet? Click Here!
  • Running time of this Contract: Min. 1 year
  • Can be cancelled when you leave Austria (completeley) or finish your studies
  • Payment: monthly automatically withdrawn from your account
How Long?
  • Price for a 18 year old  € 70,13/month
  • The Insurance is provided by UNIQA, Austria’s largest Insurance Company
  • Insurance can only start at the beginning of every month. If you want to be insured immediately you have to click start insurance 1. of the current month.

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What happens if I don´t pay the insurance?

If the Insurance company don´t get the money from you, they will sent you a bill also called “Zahlschein”. Then you have to go to the bank and pay it there. If you don´t pay after a longer period you will get a letter from a lawyer, saying that you have to pay the insurance plus the lawyer

What happens if the insured person move to another flat?

Please always tell us when you move to a new flat. Otherwise our letters will not find you. Just sent us an e-mail with our contact button.

Can I change my insurance coverage?

Yes you can always upgrade your contract. Downgrading is only possible after one year at the month you made the insurance contract.

What happens if I have to stay in an hospital?

If you have to stay in an hospital over night, just tell them that you have a private insurance at uniqa. Then the hospital calls uniqa to make shire that you really payed your insurance. If everything is fine, the insurance company will pay for your stay directly.

How does the refund work?

If you go to a private Dr. you have to pay the bill first. After that just make a foto with your smartphone and sent us the bill with our Request Refund button. Please make shire that there is a diagnostic (Diagnose) on your bill, otherwise we can´t ma a refunding. The refunding normally takes about 2 weeks.