Switch from public insurance to FeelSafe

We help you switch from the public insurance to FeelSafe.
FeelSafe is specifically created for internationals in Austria!
We offer a better product and a better service for the same price (*under 27 years old)! Just follow the 4 simple steps below.

IMPORTANT: You can only cancel the public insurance (GKK) if you have been registered with them for more than 6 months already. You have to send us the GKK cancelation confirmation filled out below by the 20th of a month to start being insured with FeelSafe the following month. This allows us and GKK to have enough time to process the change.

Enter your birth date:Your price for Student Basic:Your price for Student Plus:
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The price for the public insurance is €64.78 / month
Benefits of FeelSafe that the public insurance (GKK) does NOT offer:

checkmarkGreen  Private doctorscheckmarkGreen  Transportation back home if necessarycheckmarkGreen  Glasses & contact lenses
checkmarkGreen  Home visits by doctorscheckmarkGreen  Heli rescue (e.g. when skiing, hiking etc)checkmarkGreen  Full English service

Please fill out the following form to cancel your current GKK insurance.
IMPORTANT: We can only cancel the insurance for you if you are insured with GKK for at least 6 months already.

Please fill out the following form and upload the cancellation form from Step 3 (“Upload” button below):

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Almost done! After you have sent us your cancellation documents, you have to buy your FeelSafe insurance in order to be insured ad comply with the Austrian legal requirements 🙂
Just pick a product below and click on “Buy Now” to follow the purchase process. It’s super easy and fast!

Please carefully read the hard facts

Important facts!
  • You have to be insured at the public insurance (GKK) for at least 6 months in order to be able to cancel
  • You have to be able to answer the health questions with “No” to purchase the FeelSafe Student Health Insurance online
  • After cancelling the public insurance (GKK) you can not re-register with them for min. 6 months
  • FeelSafe Basic and Plus is for any international student NOT from Austria
  • Valid for your residence permit and its renewals!
  • The insurance is provided by UNIQA, Austria’s largest insurance company
  • Please read the cancellation policy of the Student Health Insurance products

Cancellation policy:

It is important to us to give our students all the flexibility that they need!
Our insurance can be cancelled at the end of any month if you:

  • Don’t get your visa or residence permit approved
  • Leave the country long-term
  • Finish your studies
  • Break up your studies
  • Find a job in Austria where your employer pays your insurance

Please inform us at office@feelsafe.at if you see any important reason to cancel your insurance that is not listed here and we will check it with our experts.

What you have to do:
Send us a mail with a confirmation of one of the above mentioned reasons.
Important: Please send us the cancellation request by the 15th of a month in order to cancel the insurance for the following month. Any later request will result in having to pay for the following month before cancelation.

Otherwise contract time: 3 years.

Please read the following health questions. ONLY if you can answer all of them with “No” we can guarantee the stated price and that we can insure you directly online. If you would answer any question with “Yes”, please get in touch with us at office@feelsafe.at for an individual offer.

1. Have you been in treatment or are you currently being treated against one of the following:*

  • cancer
  • stroke
  • heart attack
  • chronic hearth disease
  • neurological disease such as multiple sclerosis,  Crohn’s Parkinson
  • psychic disorders (also mental and psychic disabilities, dementia)
  • chronic pulmonary diseases
  • chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases
  • kidney failure
  • Body Mass Index over 38 (pronounced obesity)
  • bone disease
  • diabetes
  • chronic liver disease
  • chronic polyarthritis
  • HIV-positive results
  • traumatic brain injury
  • spinal paralysis
  • coagulation disorders
  • eye diseases, which could lead to severe visual impairment (macular degeneration, retinal disorders, glaucoma)


2. Are you currently or have you been in the last 12 months in psychological treatments?

3. Have you planned any operations within the next 2 months?

4. Are you doing sports professional? (If sport is your main source of income)

5. If female: Are you currently pregnant?
Yes/No or male?