Students Health Insurance Basic

Personal Information

Street Name (Address in Austria):
You can use the address of someone you now (if they are fine with it) until you have your own address in Austria and let us know as soon as you have your own address: - Please note: You CAN'T use the address of the University!

Start Date of Insurance Period:

You can choose the start month of your insurance (always the 1st of the month).
If you want to be insured immediately, please chose the current month.

If you select the current month, the insurance coverage will start with the date you receive the insurance confirmation (via e-mail) and you have to pay the premium for the whole month. Insurance cover (payment for expenses for medical treatment) will not start before we have accepted your application for insurance. (The e-mail confirmation)

You will be insured instantly after receiving the insurance confirmation e-mail (within 1 working day).

To be up-to-date, the insurance start date can be max. 3 months in the future!

End date of insurance:

There is NO specified end date of the insurance. The general contract time is 3 years, but the insurance will be valid as long as you are a student.
There are several options to cancel the insurance every month.
Read about it here:

Student Info:

IMPORTANT: If you are not a student but going to a school (high-school), please contact
This product is NOT the right one for you and you will not be accepted.


How long are you planning to stay/study in Austria?
(If everything goes as planned).

To buy this insurance, you need to be a part of the community. is a completely FREE information platform for expats and international students that provides useful information for your move to Austria. There is NO membership fee or anything like that.

It is a free community from internationals - for internationals.

FeelsLikeHome will NOT receive any health-related information. Your personal data will be treated strictly confidential and will not be forwarded to any 3rd party.



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