FeelSafe Recommend-a-Friend Program

Help your friends and other internationals coming to Austria make the right choice!
Save them the hassle of going through the bureaucratic, all-German, slow and difficult process of going to GKK.
They would even end up paying less for a better product and better service with us!

Now you can help others and get a „Thank you“ reward for doing so!
(Also for telling them to switch from GKK to us: www.feelsafe.at/switch)

Join our Recommend-a-Friend Program and get up to €20.- for simply sharing your link.
It’s as simple as that!

How it works:

  1. Register for the Recommend-a-Friend program below
  2. You will then get an email with your personal recommendation link after approval (Please also check your SPAM folder)
  3. Simply send this link to your friends and to the people you want to help
  4. If they join FeelSafe through your link, you will get up to €20.- per recommendation in form of Amazon Gift Card sent to your e-mail address

The more people you recommend, the more you get as a “Thank you” reward!
Recommend-a-Friend table:

Recommended People “Thank you” Reward Timing of reward
1 €5 / recommendation Paid out at 1st recommendation
2-5 € 7.50/recommendation Paid out every 2 recommendations
6-14 €10 / recommendation Paid out every 3 recommendations
15-20 €15 / recommendation Paid out every 3 recommendations
21 + € 20 / recommendation Paid out every 5 recommendations

Register for the Recommend-a-Friend Program