Price adaption March 2023

Price Adaption March 2023:

Dear FeelSafe Clients,

We are reaching out to you with an important topic, as we want to always be transparent and open in our communication with you.  Because „YOU“ are the reason we created FeelSafe.
We created FeelSafe resulting from our own experience having lived / studied in many different countries and being frustrated with the existing insurance solutions on the market for internationals in Austria. We wanted to create something different. Something we would have personally wished for. Something that is… Simple.Easy.Awesome

It is an understatement to say that the last 3 years have been extremely challenging for everyone in the educational area (Universities, Students, Professors, etc.). The influences of COVID-19 from the last years and now the higher living costs, inflation and energy prices have an immense effect on the entire economy – and especially very heavily on the health sector. We understand that this is a very difficult situation for all of us.


With FeelSafe we dealt with the major insurance challenges internationals face in Austria and we continue to emphasize on servicing your needs to the highest quality. We believe in servicing your needs exactly where we are needed most:

  • Travel insurance and health insurance specifically developed for internationals in Austria
  • 100% accepted for the C-Visa, D-Visa and Residence permit
  • All-risk coverage, comprehensive insurance product which is tailored to the specific needs of internationals (private doctors, helicopter rescue in case of sports accidents, glasses and contact lenses coverage, dental coverage and much more)
  • Homepage, product, contracts and all services are completely in English
  • Insurance confirmations issued and all communication within 1 business day
  • Personalized customer service in English through our real live online chat, contact us button, e-mail, social media, phone or in person (in the center of Vienna)
  • No denial criteria in the cases of changing study programs, having gap years in studies or prolonged years of study completion

We are experiencing two substantial changes in the health care system:

1) Bills received from private doctors are now coming in with a significant increase.
Example: A bill for the same exact treatment by the same exact doctor was previously €300 and is now €400.
In addition, the costs for all hospitals, clinics and labs are extensively higher as all of these medical facilities require a lot of electricity to operate and the high-end medical devices also require a high supply of electricity to function.

2) The entire health care system is currently experiencing a large shift. The qualified medical personnel and doctors are largely moving away from offering their services through the public health system, as they are barely able to cover their costs with public rates. As a result, the waiting times at public doctors are hugely increasing, medical attention to clients is often limited to only a few minutes, and thus the private doctors’ network is substantially growing. There is already a gap of doctors in the public system and it will only get worse.

To make sure you have access to the most qualified medical personal and facilities we are constantly enlarging the LARA network (access to 290 doctors; 89 were added in 2022) which has shown to be extremely valuable and appreciated. Within it, you are able to take care of your health needs without pre-paying and you have access to the highest level of health care.

To be able to maintain our coverage, quality and the high-level of service that all of you enjoy and appreciate, to guarantee that our products are 100% according to the legal requirements and accepted for the residence permits in Austria, we are unfortunately forced to make price adjustments to our plans starting the 01.03.2023. You can check your standard new price on by clicking on your product, entering your date of birth and the current month.

For clients with individualized price quotes please refer to the new policy letter received in the regular mail from UNIQA or write to for your new prices.

Be assured that you still have by far the best product and price for value on the market. We operate 100% from Austria, from our products, the handling of medical cases and refunds, the IT solution and your data protection. You are in the best hands, giving you the best local quality.

If you still want to cancel your insurance contract with us for any reason, you have the option through our website during the whole month of March 2023. We are legally required to prove that you are continuously, without a gap of not even a single day, health insured in Austria. Thus, you need to get and upload a confirmation of an alternative, legally accepted by the government, “All-Risk” health insurance (e.g. OeGK). Only after you are legally fully insured, we can cancel your current insurance. This is governmentally required and not something we can make exceptions or make decisions on.

It is never easy to take such steps and serve such news and we hope for and appreciate your understanding. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us: