Price adaption February 2024

Price Adaption February 2024:

Dear FeelSafe Clients,

We are reaching out to you with an important topic, as we want to always be transparent and open in our communication with you.  Because „YOU“ are the reason we created FeelSafe.
We created FeelSafe resulting from our own experience having lived / studied in many different countries and being frustrated with the existing insurance solutions on the market for internationals in Austria. We wanted to create something different. Something we would have personally wished for. Something that is… Simple.Easy.Awesome


We hope this message finds you well, and we appreciate your continued trust in FeelSafe for your insurance needs.

In light of the current economic landscape and changes in the health care sector with prices of hospitals, doctors, labs, pharmacies & medicines increasing significantly in 2023, policies of health insurances need to adjust accordingly in order to maintain the same level of coverage and service.

As it is important for us to continue to provide students with affordable premiums, we are making only a slight adjustment to your monthly insurance premium starting February 1, 2024.
This adjustment ensures that we can continue providing you with the highest level of coverage, quality, and service that you deserve and is is significantly less compared to the market development of 2023.

You can check your updated premium on by entering your date of birth and the current month for your product or refer to the new policy letter from UNIQA or contact for details.

We understand the challenges posed by the evolving health care system and rising costs. Rest assured, we are committed to provide you with access to the most qualified medical professionals and facilities.

Be assured that you still have by far the best product and price for value on the market. We operate 100% from Austria, from our products, the handling of medical cases and refunds, the IT solution and your data protection. You are in the best hands, giving you the best local quality.

If you still want to cancel your insurance contract with us for any reason, you have the option through our website during the whole month of February 2024. We are legally required to prove that you are continuously, without a gap of not even a single day, health insured in Austria. Thus, you need to get and upload a confirmation of an alternative, legally accepted by the government, “All-Risk” health insurance (e.g. OeGK). Only after you are legally fully insured, we can cancel your current insurance. This is governmentally required and not something we can make exceptions or make decisions on.

We appreciate your understanding and continued partnership with FeelSafe. Your well-being is our top priority, and we remain dedicated to offering you the best product and value in the market.

Best regards,

Your FeelSafe Team

It is never easy to take such steps and serve such news and we hope for and appreciate your understanding. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us: