Modul University Vienna

Get your Travel or Health Insurance


  • Accepted by Austrian embassies
  • For people travelling to the EU
  • For up to 180 days
  • Covering more than €30.000
  • Medical treatments in case of accidents and illnesses
  • Repatriation to your home-country if medically necessary
Pay with credit card
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Student Health

  • ALL RISK residence permit insurance
  • Officially accepted by all "Magistrate"
  • Insurance provider: UNIQA
  • BETTER coverage than public such as:
  • Private doctors and much more
  • Transportation back to your home country if medically necessary
  • Valid all over Europe (except CH)
€ 64.07/month*
*Price depends on age
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Professors,Students 35+ & Researchers health

  • For students older than 35 years
  • For guest professors & researchers
  • Valid for your visa & residence permit
  • NO waiting time for planned operations
  • Private doctors
  • Private hospitals
  • Apply online in 5 min
*For an 18-year-old
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