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Important facts!
  • Minimum age: 18
  • You need a European Bank Account to get this Insurance! No Bank Account yet? Click Here!
  • Running time of this contract: Min. 3 years
  • Can be cancelled when you leave Austria (completely)
  • Payment: monthly and automatically withdrawn from your account
  • The Insurance is provided by UNIQA, Austria’s largest insurance company


This is a unique household insurance for students living in a shared flat or in student dormitories. All privately used possessions in the flat that are owned by the policyholder are insured (clothing, electrical appliances, electronic devices, furniture, etc.)
up to €20,000 with no deductible.

In cases of fire, storm, water leak, burglary/theft, glass breakage, as well as a private third party liability insurance (included at no additional premium).
Insurance sum: €1,000,000

What exactly is a private third person liability insurance?

The insurance covers personal, property and material damage caused by the policyholder upon a third person.

For example:

  • The policyholder is riding his bicycle and does not notice an older woman, causing her to fall down. —> The policyholder must cover the resulting damages and must pay the claims of the woman.—> The liability insurance covers claims of this kind up to €1,000,000
  • At a birthday party, the policyholder spills a glass of orange juice on a friend’s laptop. —> The laptop no longer works, and their friend wants to be compensated. —> The liability insurance covers this compensation.
What happens if the insured person moves to another flat?

Please always tell us when you move to a new flat. Otherwise our letters will not find you. Just send us an e-mail via our contact button in the navigation header.

What should I do in case of a claim?

Please click our “Report Demage” button in the navigation header and write down what happened. Please also don´t forget to tell us your name our your contract number. After we receive the message, we will get in touch with you.

What happens if I don´t pay the insurance?

If the insurance company doesn´t receive the monthly payment from you, they will send you a bill also called “Zahlschein”. You will then have to go to the bank and pay it there. If you don´t pay after a longer period, you will get a letter from a lawyer, saying that you have to pay the insurance plus the lawyer fees.