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Important facts!
  • For any international person living in Austria
  • Minimum аge: 18
  • You need a European Bank Account to get this Insurance! No Bank Account yet? Click Here!
  • Running time of this contract: Min. 3 years
  • Can be cancelled monthly when you leave Austria (completely)
  • Payment: monthly and automatically withdrawn from your account
  • !!Important!! The insurance coverage doesn´t start immediately, only after the check of your health questions and approval from UNIQA
Good to know!
  • The insurance is provided by UNIQA, Austria’s largest insurance company
  • The insurance can only start at the beginning of every month
  • To refund your ambulant bills, please send them first to your public insurance and wait to get a letter from them. Only after please send us your bills along with the letter from your public insurance to get 100% refunded
  • If you stay overnight in a hospital, UNIQA will pay your bill directly
Insurance BenefitsBasicPlusPro
Max. insurance amount per year€ 1,754.-€ no limit€ no limit
Full guaranty of cost coverage for stays in public hospitals in multi-bed roomcrossredcheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
Full guarantee of cost coverage for stays in public hospitals in special class (two-bed room)crossredcheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
Full guarantee of cost coverage for stays in private hospitals (two-bed room)crossredcheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
Medical transportation within Europe if needed, covered up to:crossred€ 471.70€ 471.70
A: Medical treatment (public doctors)checkmarkGreencheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
B: Medical treatment (private doctors)checkmarkGreencheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
C: Medical treatment (complementary medicine)checkmarkGreencheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
D: Brand medicines and generic medicinescheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
E: Homeopathic medicinescheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
F: Physiotherapy, ergo therapy, logopedics
up to € 354.-
G: Medically indicated psychotherapeutic treatment up to € 354.-checkmarkGreencheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
H: Repayment for glasses or contact lenses up to € 354.- / two yearscheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
A - H covered up to a total of: € 1,754.- / year€ 1,754.- / year€ 1,770.- / year
80% of dental treatments (e.g. prosthetic care, crowns, bridges, dental implantology) up to 2,023.- / year crossredcrossredcheckmarkGreen
UNIQA VitalCheck (preventive medical check up)crossredcheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
? / month? / month? / month
What happens if I don´t pay the insurance?

If the insurance company doesn´t receive the monthly payment from you, they will send you a bill also called “Zahlschein”. You will then have to go to the bank and pay it there. If you don´t pay after a longer period, you will get a letter from a lawyer, saying that you have to pay the insurance plus the lawyer fees.

What happens if the insured person moves to another flat?

Please always tell us when you move to a new flat. Otherwise our letters will not find you. Just send us an e-mail via our contact button in the navigation header.

Can I change my insurance coverage?

Yes, you can always upgrade your contract. Downgrading is only possible if you inform us minimum one month before the current year of the contract has passed. For example, you started your contract on the 1st of September, you can downgrade later if you inform us latest by the 1st of August the next year. Then your contract will be downgraded starting the following year (in the example above on the 1st of September).

What happens if I have to stay in a hospital?

If you have to stay in a hospital overnight, just tell them that you have a private insurance with UNIQA. The hospital will call UNIQA to make sure that you really payed your insurance. If the check is successful, the insurance company will pay for your stay directly.

How does the refund work?

If you go to a private doctor, you have to pay the bill first. Then send this bill to your public insurance provider (GKK). Your will get a letter from the GKK for the refunding. Only after you receive the letter, just make a photo of the bill and the letter with your smartphone and send them to us via our Request Refund button in the navigation header. Please make sure that there is a diagnostics (Diagnose) on your bill, otherwise we cannot make a refunding. The refund normally takes about 2 weeks to process.

You can also send us the original bill to Bäckerstraße 7/6 1010 Wien, but then you will only get 80% refunded.

Am I 100% covered?

Yes, except dental care is covered only 80%. Please read in detail the coverage comparison sheet for maximum coverage amounts per category.