FeelSafe Direkt Billing Network

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With FeelSafe you can go to any doctor in Austria, public AND private.
You can select the doctor of your choice! (With the public insurance you can only go to public doctors)

The doctors in this list directly bill the insurance provider so you don’t have to prepay the doctor and need no refund process. UNIQA will continously update the list with new doctors so please come back and check the list regularly.

Visiting a registered doctor, pharmacy, laboratory and radiology centre has just become even easier for you from now onwards thanks to LARA.

LARA is a new Austrian partner network of health providers established by UNIQA for their customers.


Benefits for you

  • You are one of the first to be able to use LARA.
  • With LARA, we support you in your search for your health services provider.

Simply select your trusted partner at: https://larapartnernetzwerk.at/

  • Especially practical: we make payments to LARA partners directly and straight away.
  • To enable this, always present your “Direct Billing Card”

Important! If there is no valid agreement or the costs exceed your maximum tariff rate at the time of direct billing, we will have to reclaim these.

For all other doctors you have two options:
1) Ask the doctor for a bill, send us a picture of the bill through the “Request Refund” red button in the navigation bar of the website – get the refund and then pay the doctor (possible with many – but not all doctors)
2) Pay the doctor and then upload the bill and get the money refunded

All of our customers have already received our new direct billing card via regular mail.
For customers who ordered after the 01.06.2018 will automatically receive the card via e-mail together with your insurance confirmation.

If you didn't receive a card or lost yours, please order a new one here:

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