FeelSafe Direct Billing Network (LARA)

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The Direct Billling Network LARA:

The LARA network is a network of doctors, pharmacies, laboratories and radiologies that directly bill the insurance so you don’t have to pre-pay and go through the refund process. The network gets constantly enlarged with new partners.

How to get the LARA card:

The LARA card is a fully electronic card.
You automatically get the LARA card when buying our health insurance.
You get this electronic card via e-mail with your insurance confirmation.
Please save a screenshot of the card on your phone.

How to use the LARA network:

You simply book appointments at one of the partners.
IMPORTANT: Please always have your LARA card available at the appointment (on your phone).
Pharmacies: Just show your LARA card on the phone.

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With FeelSafe you are perfectly covered:

With FeelSafe you can go to ANY doctor of your choice, public and private.
You can also go to any pharmacy, radiology and laboratory.
The regular process is that you pay yourself and then send us your bills to get refunded.

ADDITIONALLY you have access to the direct billing network LARA.