COVID-19 tests options

With FeelSafe, you have 3 FREE options to test for COVID-19 with PCR tests:

      1. The official government test-centers

      2. The official government “Gurgelboxen” (gargle-containers)

      3. The PCR gargle program “Alles Gurgelt”


1. The official government test-centers

You can access all government test-centers.
Tests at pharmacies, laboratories or doctors are NOT covered.

Please check the page of your federal district for the test-centers currently available. For Vienna for example:

You can either drive through the test centre by car or walk through.
Test centres are open from Monday to Sunday from 06:00 to 21:00, the test centre at Austria Center Vienna is open from 07:00 to 19:00, – also during the lockdown and on public holidays.

You have to register / make an appointment for the test.

If asked for a social insurance number, you would simply state that you don’t have a  social insurance number as you are fully privately insured.
In the online form you can either leave the field empty or click “I don’t have a social insurance number”

Note: Always state that you need the test for general security purposes – not specifically for travels. If you mention it is for travels, it will not be covered and you need to do a private test and pay for it.

You usually get the result within 24h via e-mail or text message and it is officially valid for the “3G” and “2G Plus” rules in Austria.

  • Getestet (tested)
  • Genesen (recovered from COVID)
  • Geimpft (vaccinated)

3G = recovered OR vaccinated OR PCR tested
2G = recovered OR vaccinated
2G Plus = recovered or vaccinated AND PCR tested

2. The official government “Gurgelboxen” (gargle-containers)

Similar to the government test-centers, you can access the gargle containers.
The process is similar to the test-centers.
Pleases check the website of your federal state for the locations of the containers.

3. “Alles Gurgelt” program

(currently available in Vienna and Upper Austria, but planned for all Austria soon)

These are PCR tests that you can collect and drop at any REWE outlet (BILLA, BILLA Plus, BIPA and Penny as well as all petrol station shops of BP- Merkur Inside, JET-BILLA Stop & Shop, SHELL-BILLA Unterwegs).

You get the result within 24h via e-mail or text message and it is officially valid.

Here is a chart in English of how the program works:


In order to register for the “Alles Gurgelt” program, you will be asked for your social insurance number.

You have 2 options:

1) Get a social insurance number as explained HERE

2) Enter “0000” and then your date of birth in the format: DDMMYY (so 10 digits in total).

Disclaimer: Michael Herf GmbH and do not hold any liability for the accuracy of the provided information, it is provided only as a resource to clients who might find it beneficial for their specific cases.