CEU Family Members Co-Insurance

Prices for the CEU Family Health Co-Insurance:

0 – 17 years: €53.34 / month
18 – 27 years: €79.32 / month
28 – 35 years: €100.09 / month
36 – 55 years: €168.06 / month
56 – 70 years: €356.47 / month

Please purchase the insurance for each family member separately (regardless of age).
If you insure more than one person, we will automatically combine them into one contract.

Important facts!
  • For any family members of CEU
  • Valid for your MA 35 visa and residence permit (if needed)
  • You can pick the start date of the insurance in the registration process
  • The insurance can only start at the beginning of every month. If you want to be insured immediately, you have to select the current month as “start of insurance date”
  • You don’t need to upload ANY documents in the registration process. You just confirm with a click that you are currently a family member of a CEU student/faculty/staff/researcher and who the CEU family member is.
  • Valid all over Europe (except Switzerland)
  • The insurance is provided by UNIQA, Austria’s largest insurance company

Please send us the cancellation request by the 15th of a month in order to cancel the insurance for the following month. Any later request will result in having to pay for the following month before cancelation.


VERY IMPORTANT:You need to cancel the insurance before you leave the country. Just leaving without properly cancelling the insurance will lead to a pile-up of bills and ultimately to an expensive lawsuit!

Good to know!
  • If you stay overnight in a public hospital, UNIQA will pay your bill directly.
    Please do not stay overnight in a private hospital, it will NOT be covered.
  • If you use the LARA network, the insurance will directly pay your doctor/pharmacy/laboratory/x-ray bills.
  • If you use service outside of the LARA network, you have to pre-pay and use our “Request Refund” button above to get refunded.
Dental treatments:

Right from the beginning you can go to any dentist for medically necessary treatments (e.g. necessary pain prevention and pain relief) and get the medically necessary BASIC treatment (for example amalgam filling (Amalgamblomben)) and get 80% refunded.

Insurance CoverageCEU Health Insurance
Max. insurance amount per year€ 2.848.982.-
Full guarantee of cost coverage for stays in public hospitals in a multi-bed roomcheckmarkGreen
Full guarantee of cost coverage for stays in private hospitalscrossred
Transportation back to your home country when medically necessary checkmarkGreen
Helicopter transport from a mountain after an accident€ 8,548.- / year
Medical treatment (public doctors)checkmarkGreen
Medical treatment (private doctors)checkmarkGreen
Medical treatment (complementary medicine)checkmarkGreen
Brand medicines and generic medicinescheckmarkGreen
Homeopathic medicinescheckmarkGreen
Physiotherapy, ergo-therapy, logopedicscheckmarkGreen
Medically indicated psychotherapeutic treatmentcheckmarkGreen
Home visits by a public or private doctorcheckmarkGreen
Repayment for glasses or contact lenses up to € 250.- / two yearscheckmarkGreen
Dental treatments that serve the immediate purpose of preventing pain and first aid after accidents (80% coverage)checkmarkGreen