Cancel Insurance

Cancellation policy:

It is important to us to give our clients all the flexibility that they need!
Our insurance can be cancelled at the end of any month if you:

    - Don't get your visa or residence permit approved
    - Leave the country long-term
    - Finish your studies
    - Break up your studies
    - Find a job in Austria where your employer pays your insurance

Please inform us at if you see any important reason to cancel your insurance that is not listed here and we will check it with our experts.

What you have to do:
Send us this form with a confirmation of one of the above mentioned reasons.
Important: Please send us the cancellation request by the 15th of a month in order to cancel the insurance for the following month. Any later request will result in having to pay for the following month before cancelation.

Otherwise contract time: 3 years

VERY IMPORTANT: You need to cancel the insurance before you leave the country. Just leaving without properly cancelling the insurance will lead to a pile-up of bills and ultimately to an expensive lawsuit!


To be able to process your cancellation you need to upload a confirmation for one of the above mentioned reasons to cancel. (Cancellation policy)