Cancel Insurance

Cancellation policy:

As our health insurance products are valid for the residence permit process, as well as the residence permit prolongation, it is a long-term health insurance.

The general contract time is 3 years, but the contract will continue for as long as you are a student and until you actively cancel it!

There is no cancellation fee!

You will still have all the flexibility that you need and will NOT be stuck with a contract that you don’t need anymore!

Our insurance can be cancelled at the end of any month if you:

    - Don't get your visa or residence permit approved
    - Leave the country long-term (more than 6 months)
    - Finish your studies
    - Break up your studies
    - Find a job in Austria where your employer pays your insurance (You HAVE to cancel as soon as you are health insured by your employer)
    - Get co-insured with your partner as a dependent with the public insurance

Please inform us at if you see any important reason to cancel your insurance that is not listed here and we will check it with our experts.

What you have to do:
Send us this form with a confirmation of one of the above mentioned reasons:

- De-registration from the city you live in and the flight ticket
- Confirmation from the University, that you have finished/quit your studies
- Confirmation from the visa department that your visa was not approved
- Confirmation from your employer

Important: Please send us the cancellation request by the 15th of a month in order to cancel the insurance for the following month. 

Later cancellations are still possible, but due to the processing time, the payment for the insurance will be taken from your bank account for that following month. In such case, please get in touch with us at and we would refund you the money. (Also international transfers are possible in case your Austrian account is already closed)

VERY IMPORTANT: You need to cancel the insurance before you leave the country. Just leaving without properly cancelling the insurance will lead to a pile-up of bills and ultimately to an expensive lawsuit!

VERY IMPORTANT:Due to government requirements, we tend to inform the MA 35 and visa authorities when you cancel your insurance, so as to make sure no one is staying in Austria without insurance. Without an insurance you can loose your visa / residence permit.


To be able to process your cancellation you need to upload a confirmation for one of the above mentioned reasons to cancel. (Cancellation policy)

IMPORTANT: You will NOT get a cancellation confirmation via e-mail!

The cancellation has to go through the headquarter of UNIQA. You will be informed via regular mail as soon as your cancellation was successfully processed.

If you don’t hear back from us or Uniqa headquarters, you can assume that your cancellation was successful (e.g. in case you leave the country before you will receive the letter).

The cancellation will be effective for the following month if you cancelled by the 15th of the month (see cancellation policy).

IF it happens, that the processing of the cancellation takes longer and you are billed for the insurance for the following month even though you already cancelled, the money will automatically be refunded to you as soon as the cancellation is processed.

In case you need any further help at any time, feel free to contact us.

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