Bank account

Bank account for the health insurance:

For the health insurances that we offer, we are required to ask for a SEPA (Austrian or other European) bank account. (The monthly premium is automatically taken from that account each month)

You can check out what countries are included here:

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to open an Austrian bank account from abroad fully online as a Non-EU citizen. You have to personally come to the bank to open the account. However, you can already make an appointment through our partner FeelLikeHome and then open your account as soon as you are in Austria.
Read more about it here:

What can you do if you already need the health insurance for your INITIAL residence permit application in your home-country at the Austrian embassy in order to get the D-Visa to enter Austria?

There are actually 2 ways to handle this situation:

Option 1:

If you know someone who has an Austrian or other European bank account, you can use that account for the purchase. You don’t need to be the owner of the account for the order. We only need the bank name and the IBAN code for further processing. As soon as you are in Austria and you’ve opened your own account, just send us a short e-mail to with your new bank details and we’ll change it in the system.

Option 2:

You can get our “Travel Insurance Plus” where the payment is done via credit card, come to Austria to open your bank account and then get our long-term health insurance.

With the Travel Insurance you have to prove that you will be covered at ANY time from landing in Austria until you have the long-term health insurance that is required for the residence permit in Austria.
We recommend getting it for a month to have enough time to get your bank account and then our long-term health insurance.

Our travel insurance solution is 100% accepted for the INITIAL residence permit and D-Visa process.
You can read more about the travel insurance here: