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Important facts!
  • Minimum age: 18
  • You need a European Bank Account to get this Insurance! No Bank Account yet? Click Here!
  • Running time of this contract: Min. 3 year
  • Can be cancelled anytime when you leave Austria (completely)
  • Payment: monthly and automatically withdrawn from your account
  • The insurance is provided by UNIQA, Austria’s largest insurance company
1) Accident costs coverage up to€5,000
2) Rescue costs coverage up to€15,000
3) Cash for bone fractures€500
4) Cosmetic surgery after an accident coverage up to€10,000
5) Permanent disability (600% progression)€80,000
6) Accidental death coverage€10,000


What do all these numbers mean to you?

1)Accident costs coverage up to €5,000

All costs incurred after an accident are reimbursed up to €5,000.
These include: physical therapy, private physician bills, splints and other therapeutic aids, etc.
2) Rescue costs coverage up to €15,000

If you have an accident or are in distress in the mountains or in water. Covers also the costs of rescue helicopter.


3) Cash for bone fractures €500

€500 is paid out within 5 weeks after one or more bone fractures are diagnosed.


4) Cosmetic surgery after an accident coverage up to €10,000

Should cosmetic surgery be necessary after an accident to restore the appearance, the costs for this surgery are covered up to €10,000.
For example: Laser treatment of scars, nasal correction after a fractured nose, loss of a breast after an accident and restoration, etc.


5) Permanent disability (600% progression) €80,000

In the event of an accident with permanent effects, the degree of permanent disability is determined by a physician.
The insurance sum will be paid out as follows depending on the degree of disability:


Lump sum for permanent disability € 80,000:

up to an invalidity degree of and including 5% a flat rate of 1% of the insured sum

for an invalidity degree of 5% up to 25% according to the degree of invalidity

triple benefits for an invalidity degree of 25% up to 50%

five times the benefitsfor an invalidity degree from 50% up to 75%

seven times the benefits for aninvalidity degree from 75% up to 91%

from an invalidity degree of 91%: 600% of the insured sum.


  • After  lesion of a frefinge the expert physician diagnoses a degree of disability of 3%.
    1% of the lump sum is paid= € 800 .-
  • After a serious skiing accident the expert physician diagnoses a degree of disability of 51%. 105% of the lump sum is paid (25%+ 3×25% + 5×1%)
    In total € 84,000 will be paid out.
  • After ruptur of a curciate ligament the expert physician diagnoses a degree of disability of 7%.
    7% of the  lump sum is paid= €5,600.-
  • This is the worst case – may it never happen: 100% disability:  600% of the lump sum is paid = € 480,000.-


6) Accidental death coverage €10,000

€10,000 are paid to the heirs, so they can cover the costs.

What should I do in case of an accident?

Please do not worry about the accident’s costs, because with this package these are covered. However, please inform the insurance company as soon as possible over our “Report Damage” button in the navigation header.

After your report, we will send you a sheet where you have to describe how the accident happened. The doctor has to note down your injury and sign the sheet. If you need help, please call our service line.

How does the refund work?

After the insurance company is informed about your accident, you can send us all injury related bills. Larger bills, such as transportation costs or rescue costs, can be payed directly by the insurance company. If you need physical therapy, you have to pay the bills first and then you will get them refunded from insurance company.

What happens if I don´t pay the insurance?

If the insurance company doesn´t receive the monthly payment from you, they will send you a bill also called “Zahlschein”. You will then have to go to the bank and pay it there. If you don´t pay after a longer period, you will get a letter from a lawyer, saying that you have to pay the insurance plus the lawyer fees.

What happens if the insured person moves to another flat?

Please always tell us when you move to a new flat. Otherwise our letters will not find you. Just send us an e-mail via our contact button in the navigation header.