FeelSafe 35+ Health Insurance

The “FeelSafe 35+ Health Insurance” is an all-risk health insurance that is fully accepted by the Austrian government for your
Visa-D and Residence Permit.
It is also legally conform when applying from abroad for the initial residence permit and D-Visa.

                   For over 35-year-old:

  • Students
  • Language school students
  • Researchers
  • Lecturers


  • Au-Pairs
  • Volunteers
  • Job seekers
  • Trainees

All English, all online, 5 min. purchase, confirmation in max. 3 working days (usually 1 working day), 100% accepted.

Calculate your Price:

Valid for your MA 35 (or any other ministry) visa and residence permit!
(Product name: QEXPYC 3 2022/S by UNIQA)


This insurance is for INTERNATIONALS over 35 years-old coming to Austria.
The insurance is specifically created to fulfill all legal requirements for the C-Visa, D-Visa and RESIDENCE PERMIT in Austria.
The insurance is an alternative to the public insurance (OeGK) and offers MORE coverage and a BETTER price for value!

  • The order process is fully online and takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Maximum age: 65
  • Payment: monthly and automatically withdrawn from your account
  • Valid all over Europe (except Switzerland)
  • The insurance is provided by UNIQA, Austria’s largest insurance company

What you need:

  • An Austrian or other European bank account (SEPA bank account) to get this insurance!
    • No Bank Account yet? Click Here to find out how to open an account or how to work around it
    • Or Click here to directly make an appointment to open an account
  • An address in Austria. Again, it is ok if you are using the address of someone you know in the beginning until you have your own address. We need it to have a place where the paperwork can be sent to.


Start date of insurance:
In the order process, you can select the start month of insurance (always has to be the 1st of a month).
You can select the current month (to be insured immediately) and up to max. 3 months in the future. 

Contract time:
The general contract time is 3 years.
But there are several cancellation clauses which allow you to cancel the insurance monthly (at the end of any month).
Read about the cancellation policy here: www.feelsafe.at/cancel 

Insurance confirmation:
After your order, you will get the insurance confirmation within max. 3 working days; but in 99% of the cases within 1 working day via E-MAIL!
As soon as you receive this confirmation via e-mail, you are fully insured (if you have selected the current month as start date and otherwise at your selected month date).
This insurance confirmation is what you need to print and show to the embassy / ministry for your residence permit process!

COVID-19 Information

For vaccination related questions please read here: https://www.feelsafe.at/vaccination/

For testing option information please read here: https://www.feelsafe.at/covid_tests/

Insurance BenefitsFeelSafe 35+Public Insurance
Max. insurance amount per year€ 2.914.000.-
(2.914 million)
Full guarantee of cost coverage for stays in public hospitals in a multi-bed roomcheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
Full guarantee of cost coverage for stays in public hospitals in special class (two-bed room)checkmarkGreencrossred
Full guarantee of cost coverage for stays in private hospitals (two-bed room)checkmarkGreencrossred
Full guarantee of cost coverage for stays in private hospitals (single-bed room)checkmarkGreencrossred
No waiting time for planned operationscheckmarkGreencrossred
Transportation back to your home country when medically necessary checkmarkGreencrossred
Helicopter transport form a mountain after an accident€ 6.560.- / yearcrossred
Medical treatment (public doctors)checkmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
Medical treatment (private doctors)checkmarkGreencrossred
Medical treatment (complementary medicine)checkmarkGreencrossred
Brand medicines and generic medicinescheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
Homeopathic medicinescheckmarkGreencrossred
Physiotherapy, ergo-therapy, logopedicscheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
Medically indicated psychotherapeutic treatmentcheckmarkGreencheckmarkGreen
Home visits by a public or private doctorcheckmarkGreencrossred
Repayment for glasses or contact lenses up to € 437,- / two yearscheckmarkGreencrossred
Dental treatments:
FeelSafe: 80% coverage;
Immediately: Only medically necessary treatments
After 8 months: Extended treatments
Price per Month:
(Enter date of birth above to see prices)
see price above€478.82*
*Click here to check the price.